Community Management Services

When you think about what makes a community the picture that comes to mind is usually unity, commonality and cohesion. At its core, community management is built around the same fundamentals.

Community management is, therefore rooted in cultivating high-quality relationships between brands and their public online audiences. They achieve this by creating opportunities to interact with an engaged community using tailor-made conversations.

Why Community management matters ​

Social media users are becoming pickier and pickier about what they consume across media platforms in the information age. If you dismiss the impact that community management can have on your business, you are falling at the first digital hurdle.

The power of the customer’s voice on social media informs opinions, purchase decisions and even converts customers from other brands.  A single angry customer can create a snowball of bad press, and a single happy customer can begin a dynasty.

With community management, the powerful tool of social platforms can be harnessed for good and help to manage negative customer experiences.

We do community management in 4 ways:

We Monitor

We monitor the broader community’s movement by listening to and tracking conversations that relate to your brand.

We Engage

We engage with your community to keep conversations alive and proactively engage with customers, prospects, and influencers.

We Moderate

We sort through the chatter and filter-out comments and conversations that don’t add value and fast track the management of customer complaints.

We Measure

We measure and analyse how your brand is perceived to offer real, unfiltered feedback.

Build Up Your Community To Build Up Your Business

The first step towards community management is to find the right audience, and it all begins with conversations. Growing your community is also essential for lasting a business.

Community Managers will help you to package your brand and present it to the world as a holistic entity with something to offer to the community with which to engage. They will also help you to build and fuel positive messages and discussions surrounding your products.

By investing in community management, you invest in a strong community – a loyal, supportive and highly dynamic community.

Community Management FAQ

Community management is also known as social community management and is fundamentally rooted in relationships. It’s the process of developing, maintaining and fostering relationships with customers through social media platforms.

Community management allows businesses to tap directly into the world of the customer through social media channels. It also allows companies to maintain relationships and the experiences of their consumers, first-hand.

A social media manager manages a business account on behalf of them – they are a proxy which provides content, posts and replies across social networks.     

A community manager will post as a brand custodian under their account by participating in discussions, finding new customers and keeping up with what customers say. Community managers also develop new strategies for engaging with the digital market.

As a brand custodian, the community manager is responsible for engaging with potential and existing customers, gauging consumer sentiment around a brand, and using social listening tools to monitor engagement and tailor messages based on these insights.

Some of the significant benefits of community management include growth, trust, and value creation.

By championing and listening on behalf of a brand, community managers can gain deeper insights into the audiences’ needs and wants to build and strengthen their customer base.

Relationship building is a fundamental and essential benefit that helps the consumer trust that a brand is listening.